Janice Williams is an accredited teacher in Ontario and Quebec with nearly twenty years of experience working in the formal and informal education sectors. Her education journey began with an honours bachelor's degree from Western University, followed by a bachelor's degree in elementary and secondary science education from McGill University. She then capped off her pursuit of knowledge with a master's degree in professional education from Western University, where she focused on leadership and policy, demonstrating her dedication to lifelong learning.

Janice's background as a teacher-practitioner has provided her with a solid foundation in learning experience design, competency-based instruction, and culturally sustaining pedagogy. Through her extensive classroom experience and expertise in curriculum development, Janice has gained a holistic understanding of effective educational practices. Her ability to effectively communicate science, as demonstrated through her past roles as a teacher trainer and program manager at Mining Matters, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing knowledge of Canada's geology and mineral resources among teachers and students, showcases her skill in engaging stakeholders and conveying complex concepts, which is essential in both educational and consultancy contexts.

Through her past role as the Science Learning Specialist with the New Brunswick Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Janice has proven her capabilities as a leader in education. She spearheaded comprehensive curriculum renewal actions and led initiatives culminating in the 2021 Climate Education Action Plan. Janice has demonstrated adeptness in strategic planning and educational transformation. With years of dedicated work, her talents uniquely position her to provide strategic and impactful education consultancy services.

Janice Williams


Learning Together by Leading

B.A. Honours, B.Ed., M.P.Ed., OCT

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  Director, Let’s Talk Science Board (letstalkscience.ca/)

  Founding member of the Equity and Belonging Committee at NMEA (marine-ed.org/)

  Advisor, CLEAN Education Advisory Board (cleanet.org/index.html)

  Ambassador & Academy Member, HundrED (hundred.org/en)

  Ambassador, EnROADS Climate Solutions (climateinteractive.org/en-roads/climate-ambassadors/)

  Ambassador, #TeacherSDGs Global Goals (teachsdgs.org/)

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