Certified Teachers

Experienced educators with advanced degrees, demonstrating a solid understanding of provincial and territorial curriculum outcomes across Junior, Intermediate and Secondary programs. We provide customized one-to-one online learning support and interventions to elevate student learning and foster continuous academic engagement. Our educators undergo routine Vulnerable Sector Screening per our careful selection procedure.

Transforming Learning by Design

To effectively address each student's unique learning preferences, our educators implement the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework when delivering learning support services. UDL is crucial in creating inclusive learning environments, particularly within virtual learning spaces. Combining the UDL framework with our backward design approach clarifies the learning objectives, enhancing students’ understanding of the material and boosting their motivation.


Students First

We firmly believe in the individuality of each child and recognize that success and growth are nurtured through encouragement and positive reinforcement. Our educators prioritize fostering the self-esteem and confidence of every child by employing an educational strategy known as deeper learning.

Deeper learning facilitates the development of critical and independent thinking skills across all academic subjects, enabling learners to enhance their communication abilities and effectively apply newly acquired and inherent talents. This approach aids in cultivating their natural strengths.

Supplement Classroom Instruction

Our learning support services and mentoring programs provide valuable assistance outside regular school hours to help students become more self-reliant and reinforce the fundamental skills necessary for academic accomplishment. Research indicates that one-to-one academic coaching enhances study habits, bolsters self-assurance, and improves social and behavioural aptitudes. Moreover, students receiving supplementary assistance often display increased attendance rates and improved assessment performance.


Ignite their passion for learning.

Cultivate a community of belonging where names, rich with meaning, ancestry, and culture, carry significance.

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