Audit Trail

An audit trail is a display of artifacts that represents my thinking about different issues and topics covered in my course of studies 18-months into a 24-month Master of Professional Education program. This strategy is useful for creating a product that the learner can re-visit, reread, analyze, and re-imagine various topics or issues. In addition, it is a powerful tool for connecting past learning experiences to newer areas of study. Watch me as I take flight...

2015 Research Poster

The digital poster was created as a visual tool for a research paper written about the wicked problem of prescribed professional development for teachers. The wicked problem of professional development for teachers involves numerous stakeholders with varied world views, professional responsibilities and backgrounds (Weber & Khademian, 2008). Teachers need the programs offered to be more experiential and hands-on, relevant to their immediate needs, empowering them to develop their knowledge and skills actively, beyond the constraints of current reforms, in a variety of learning environments, both individually and collaboratively (Carlson & Gadio, 2002). Online teacher PD was one suggestion proposed to address this problem.

  Research Paper: The Wicked Problem: Prescribed Professional Development for Teachers

Collaborative Research Projects

  Hymers, L., Steer, B., & Williams, J. 2015) Education Matters: The teachers’ mining tour in Ontario – A professional development program for educators. Geoscience Canada, [S.l.], p. 487-491, dec. 2015. ISSN 1911-4850.


  Stratton, V., & Williams, J. (2016) Medicine: From the Ground Up. Published by PDAC Mining Matters, Toronto, ON.


  Williams, J.  (2021).  UN SDGs in Education: What, why and how.  Education Canada Magazine.

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Technology in Education

STEM Integration in
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Universal Design for Learning:
Principles and Practice

Theory of Knowledge
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Research is formalized curiosity.
It is poking and prying with a purpose.
—Zora Neale Hurston

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